16th September 2015

Pelvic Organ Prolapse A Guide for Women 1. What is pelvic organ prolapse? 2. What causes pelvic organs to prolapse? 3. Where can a prolapse occur? 4. How bad is my prolapse? 5. How can prolapse be treated? 6. What surgical approach is right for me? 7. Is it necessary to use a graft material […]

10th September 2015

Recovery following vaginal repair surgery/vaginal hysterectomy A Guide for Women 1. What can I expect following a vaginal repair or vaginal hysterectomy? 2. Pain/Discomfort following surgery 3. Prevention of Deep vein thrombosis 4. Bladder and bowel function after surgery 5. Resuming activity after surgery 6. Bathing and showering 7. What should I avoid in the […]