Do you feel you’re too young to have a long term pessary for your prolapse?

16th September 2015

There are instances when women are offered a pessary by their doctor to treat a problem of Pelvic Organ Prolapse.

Do you think this is the right treatment for you?

These are simple plastic devices that keep the prolapse in place.

They often work well, but unfortunately they only work when they are kept in place in the vagina.

They are excellent choices in women with medical issues that prevent them from being fit enough for surgery.

They can also cause long -term pressure on the vagina and possible ulceration.

If you have been given a pessary by your doctor, this may be a good option but perhaps it might be time to explore the option of surgery.

Why not take the plunge and get an opinion from either Drs Kruger or Jeffery. They may have the surgical solution for you.