What to Bring with to your Appointment

Pre-visit Requirements


If you are a new patient the following documents must be completed before your first consultation:


a. New patient information forms

Please complete the forms online or download, print and complete the forms and bring it with. If you are unable to do the above before your visit, please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment:

    1. New Patient Info
    2. Patient Questionaire
    3. Patient co-payment


b. Medical aid Card

This should be the most recent one issued by your medical aid to confirm eligibility


c. Referral letter and relevant tests and/or investigations which were previously conducted


d. Payment for your visit

Your first consultation includes a ultrasound. The cost for the consultation is R2350 excluding other tests (lab cost for pap smears and urine culture, Urodynamic studies)

A statement with receipt will be provided to you which you will be able to submit to your medical aid for part refund.