The Hospital

Netcare Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital has become a centre of excellence and tertiary referral hospital in a number specialties. This includes cardiac surgery, hip, keen and spinal surgery. Specialist gynaecological surgery fits very well into this referral structure.

The new hospital was only completed in 2017 and this means you will be treated in a brand new facility with all the latest equipment. In particular, a lot of effort has been made by management to provide cutting edge theatre instrumentation and this includes one of the only three-dimensional endoscopic theatre machines in Cape Town.

The hospital offers a full range of medical disciplines, many of them highly specialised, to local, national and international patients. It incorporates, among other, 11 theatres, two cardiac catheterisation laboratories, with 61 of its 248 beds being intensive and high care beds for adults, children and neonates.

The new hospital building has been designed to international safety standards and incorporates sophisticated green principles and technology to ensure on-going sustainability.

Considerable emphasis has been placed on the inclusion of design elements to optimise infection prevention and control and enhance patient wellbeing and their hospital experience.