Success of Pelvic Floor Surgery is related to experience

24th September 2015

The famous golfer, Gary Player,  once said that the more he practices the luckier he gets.

Every surgeon,  and many patients for that matter, appreciate that the success of any operation is related to the experience and training of the surgeon.

The well known book, “Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell clearly shows that in any field, the real experts are those with close to 10 000  hours of experience and training. So if you ask me, I want a suregon with 10 000 hours experience to do my operation.

That way there is very little he has not seen and he will be able to manage your complication, if you were unlucky enough get one.

Dr Jeffery and Kruger, as a team,  have a collective of more than 15 years of Pelvic Surgery experience and when it comes to having them look after you, it may be difficult to get more expertise in one clinic anywhere else in South Africa or even Africa.